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Looking for information on your Georgia DUI arrest? - Kunes Law Office

If you have been arrested for DUI, a Georgia DUI attorney can help walk you through the process. 

There may be an administrative suspension that is pending, and you must request a hearing immediately in order to preserve your right to drive in Georgia.

A Georgia DUI arrest can be based on a number of different subsections, and the way in which you were charged or accused does matter. 

If you were stopped by an officer or went through a roadblock, you have 4th Amendment rights that might have been violated. 

Field Sobriety tests are confusing, and are designed to fail you.  Luckily, some of these can be suppressed by a judge if they were administered improperly. 

The officer must think he has Probable Cause to place you under arrest, but if he did a poor job obtaining evidence, then your lawyer can seek suppression of your state administered test or refusal.

The Implied Consent warning goes against English Common Law, so its reading by the officer is strictly construed against the State. If the reading was done prior to arrest, or was delayed unneccesarily after the arrest, then your lawyer can seek suppression of your state administered test or refusal.

If you took a State Administered Test, then your lawyer can still attack the foundation and admissibility of that test to keep if from being introduced into evidence against you at trial.

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