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Adminstrative License Suspension Hearings

YOU HAVE THIRTY DAYS TO REQUEST AN ADMINISTRATIVE LICENSE SUSPENSION (ALS) HEARING OR YOUR PRIVILEGE TO DRIVE IN GEORGIA MAY BE SUSPENDED ON THE 46th DAY AFTER YOUR DUI ARREST! Our Georgia DUI attorneys will represent you at this hearing to try to prevent the license suspension from occuring until the criminal charges are resolved. Often times the officer will not show and we will move the rescind the suspension.  If the officer does show you will often lose due to the very narrow scope of the hearing.  However, our DUI attorneys will have an opportunity to get sworn testimony from the arresting officer that can be used against him at a motion to suppress or trial.  Due to changes in Georgia law, you must submit a $150 filing fee along with your written request for a hearing.   Our Georgia DUI attorneys can compose your letter and submit it to the Department of Driver Services so that your license will not be automatically suspended. Also, if you are a Georgia driver's license holder, you may qualify for an Ignition Interlock Device Limited Permit (IIDLP) that will allow you to drive for work and other limited purposes instead of risking losing an ALS hearing.  Call (229) 382-4900 to schedule an appointment or feel free to walk in to our downtown Tifton office.

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